Do you want to make a difference?

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Will you help to start an Association for survivors with Aortic Dissection either by donating a small fund, or by doing something ”pro bono” to help such an association getting started?

If you already have decided to help, skip A, B, and C and go directly to D :)

A. Aortic Dissection – a silent highly lethal killer.

If the inner wall in the aorta tears and ruptures, the blood can stream out in the middle layer in the aorta, creating a false passageway (false lumen) like a double barrel for the blood, causing the aorta to swell and reducing the flow of blood into the other arteries. The enlargement of the aorta may lead to a rupture totally and then the person will die very fast.

Each year three persons out of a population of 100.000 gets ill in Aortic Dissection. From the ones who get the rare…

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Gaining Weight – living with Aortic Dissection

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

Here comes my story

I used to work as an CEO or management consultant and always told my wife that being heavy was part of my management image working in companies in need of a turn around of some kind (my excuse for beeing heavy). 1 october 2012 I weighed 95 kilo in the morning when i went to work, got ill in aortic dissection type a at 08:15, had a lifesaving acute surgery done starting at 16:00 in the afternoon. Coming home from the ICU some three weeks later I was down to 88 kilo. 15 months later I was up to 102 kilo. This was right after Christmas 2013, having had ham, pudding, sandwiches with Christmas cheese, and not being out walking the meadows during the holidays.

Reaching 102 kilo was a weight gain of approximately 1 kilo per month during 14 months. I now had problems with…

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We never give up and we don’t quit – living with Aortic Dissection

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

To find another person who has experienced the same as you have, can be as potent a medicine as any pills any doctor can prescribe. It helps you to cope with the whole concept and new reality of being ill in Aortic Dissection.

We never give up and we don’t quit” Jeff Bryan, survivor of Aortic Dissection, says encouraging a fellow survivor. She is having a dark moment, and needs strength and support to keep holding the head high and not give in to the anxiety. Jeff, having survived Aortic Dissection and still being alive, is not only entitled, but more important, has an authority to say it. And doing this he gives comfort and strength, not just to that person, but to every single one of us hearing his words.

Dr Vincenzo Lepore, cardiothoracic surgeon, specialist on lifesaving surgery when it comes to acute aortic dissection type…

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Hooray I can walk – Living with Aortic Dissection

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

A good day I can walk up to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).  It takes around 2 hours. Doing this I feel good, alive, strong, and I feel independent. This was my dream when I started to train my way back after having had surgery for my acute aortic dissection type a. I took me almost one year after surgery before I for the first time made the full 5 kilometers.

A normal day I walk around 3,5 kilometers.  (2,2 miles). That usually takes around 1,5 hours.

Going uphill is hard. Two different things make it tough. One is that the new surgically crafted heart valves are leaking, not too much, but still. The second is my medications and pacemaker that combined with a nonfunctioning sinoatrial node keeps my pulse at a steady low-level of around 70 bpm even when it would need to raise in pace…

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Repairing Aortic Dissection with surgery celebrate 60 years 2014

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

It is silent, unknown and highly lethal. It is still often misdiagnosed in the ER (emergency room) in hospitals all over the world for a heart attack, stress, flu, angina etc.

Many persons unfortunately die in vain every year, due to lack of knowledge and routines within the staff in the ER concerning a disease that has claimed numerous lives of unknown and famous citizens of the world.

I enclose two stories from Wikipedia as an example:

On September 11, 2003, Mr John Ritter (Wikipedia) was rehearsing for 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter when he fell ill. He began sweating profusely, vomiting and complained of having chest pains. He was taken across the street to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. Physicians misdiagnosed Ritter and treated him for a heart attack but his condition worsened. Physicians then detected that Ritter had an aortic dissection. Ritter died during surgery to repair the dissection…

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Part of my intellect died on the surgeon’s table – Living with Aortic Dissection

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

It is commonly called pumphead or postperfusion syndrome. The symptoms are subtle and include defects associated with attention, concentration, short-term memory, fine motor function, and speed of mental and motor responses (according to Wikipedia).

For me in my daily life it is having a bad short-term memory, (what i do not program into my mobile with an alarm i most probably will not remember), keeping track of names, finding the right words in a conversation, being able to think logically in sequenced steps, solving Sudoku, not being able to focus to read more than 2 pages in a book without loosing focus and thereby the context of the text, problems with spelling, low capacity of problem solving, ability to cope with stress etc. If i compare myself today, to how i perceived my self before i went under surgery I would say i woke up as a totally…

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A day in My life

Originally posted on 7H33 Timo Söderlund:

One more day.
Still alive.
Only a little bit of arrythmia.

I love it!

Here comes the night.
Now it is ground zero again.

Almost falling asleep makes me fall in 100 kmph and this makes me awake again. Most of all it makes me afraid to fall asleep again.

I go over all the names of the people i love in my head and give thanks and praise doing this. Often i have to start over and over having lost track and focus of where i am in the list. There are 130 names in the list. Approximately 10 of the persones are not alive any more…..

I love lying on My left arm and shoulder. Doing this and it takes 20-30 seconds and then i get a sharp pain in the region of the heart. I have to shift position to My right side immidiatley to make…

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