Acute aortic dissection is hard to diagnose

Aortic Dissection Awareness Day September 19

Almost 20 years ago The New York Times published an article on the death of Jonathan Larson in acute aortic dissection, December 13, 1996  ”Twice during the last week of January, Mr. Larson, 35, who created the hit musical ”Rent,” was rushed to emergency rooms complaining of severe chest pain. Twice, doctors failed to diagnose the potentially treatable condition that killed him…”

Today – in the beginning of year 2016 – it is almost 20 years later, and since 1996 many others also have died from acute aortic dissections, since it is so hard to diagnose. With over 7 billion humans on the planet, over 200.000 persons will get ill in aortic dissections each year. Today most of them will die, undiagnosed in time. The famous actor John Ritter who passed away 2003 was one of many.

Every day people dies all over the planet, undiagnosed, or diagnosed to late…

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