Living with Aortic Dissection is living right here right now

7H33 Aorta Dissektion

I was 48 when it hit me (Aortic Dissection type A). Now I am 50, and i have been alive almost 22 months. In two months I am in for my second re-birthday. Sound strange, doesn’t it? Re-birthday? Well ask anyone with our disease and you will understand there is nothing strange about it at all. When the aorta tears, the clocks stop and time re-starts all over again.

Waking up from surgery 2:nd of October 2012 and the days to come, my cardiac surgeon visited me every morning until I was moved to another hospital closer to my home. His last advice to me was to ask for help with counseling/therapy to cope with the anxiety that had taken a firm grip of me. Every second i was so happy to be alive, but at the same so extremely afraid that my heart or aorta would fail and that i would die…

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