Scandinavian Survivors try to take another joint step – living with Aortic Dissection

7H33 Aorta Dissektion

1954 the first surgery was done on aortic dissection in Texas USA by cardiac surgeons  Michael E. DeBakey, Denton Cooley and Oscar Creech. But the disease the surgery can cure is so uncommon that we talk about approximately 3 persons out of 100.000 that get it every year. And perhaps only one or two of these will reach the surgeon in time. (read more) It is a complicated surgery and many die during or failing to recover from surgery. And some survive ! And some live !!!

Aorta Dissektion

There are over 500 (five hundred) survivors to be found on Facebook in a group called Survivors of Aortic Dissection (find it here). Most of them are in the USA, some ”down under” in Australia, in New Zeeland, some in Europe in the UK, in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden and in many other countries over the world. In Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland)…

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