Do you want to make a difference?

7H33 Aorta Dissektion

Will you help to start an Association for survivors with Aortic Dissection either by donating a small fund, or by doing something ”pro bono” to help such an association getting started?

If you already have decided to help, skip A, B, and C and go directly to D 🙂

A. Aortic Dissection – a silent highly lethal killer.

If the inner wall in the aorta tears and ruptures, the blood can stream out in the middle layer in the aorta, creating a false passageway (false lumen) like a double barrel for the blood, causing the aorta to swell and reducing the flow of blood into the other arteries. The enlargement of the aorta may lead to a rupture totally and then the person will die very fast.

Each year three persons out of a population of 100.000 gets ill in Aortic Dissection. From the ones who get the rare…

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